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Studio Mates Handicrafts is our sincere effort towards promoting Indi-Scandi (Indian-Scandinavian) cultural exchange, supporting artisans, offering unique products, diversifying retail options and a unique tourist attraction. Its a bridge between the two regions, celebrating artistry, tradition, and diversity. Through Studio Mates Handicrafts in Helsingborg city in Sweden, Scandinavia we strive hard to bring several benefits and serve as a valuable addition to the local community.

  • Cultural Exchange: Scandinavian countries and India have distinct and rich cultural traditions. Studio Mates Handicrafts fosters cultural exchange by introducing Scandinavian people to the diverse and intricate crafts of India, promoting, understanding, appreciation and respect for each other’s cultural heritage.
  • Unique and Authentic Products: Indian handicrafts are known for their uniqueness, craftsmanship, and authenticity. By offering these products in Scandinavia, we cater to customers who appreciate handmade items with traditional designs and techniques, providing them with products they might not find in mainstream stores.
  • Supporting Artisans and Local Economies: By sourcing handicrafts directly from Indian artisans we and our customers contribute to the livelihoods of these skilled craftsmen. This support helps sustain traditional art forms and preserve cultural heritage in India, while also encouraging fair trade practices and ethical sourcing.
  • Diversifying Retail Offerings: As a dedicated Indian Handicraft store we add diversity to the retail landscape in Scandinavia. It provides customers with a broader range of choices, giving them the opportunity to explore and purchase products that reflect the vibrant Indian culture and heritage.
  • Tourist Attraction: Studio Mates Handicrafts is a unique experience for tourists and locals alike. Tourists explore diverse cultures and collect souvenirs. The find shopping at Studio Mates Handicrafts extremely appealing.
  • Educational and Awareness Platform: Its is also an educational platform, where our customers and visitors learn about the cultural significance, history, and traditional methods behind the handicrafts. This creates awareness about the importance of preserving and supporting these crafts.
  • Promoting Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products: As you already know many Indian handicrafts are made using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, which aligns with the growing interest in eco-conscious consumer choices. By promoting these products, the Studio Mates Handicrafts significantly contributes to environmental sustainability.

Welcome to Studio Mates Handicrafts

Kronoborgsgatan 3, 25222, Helsingborg, Sweden

Opening Hours : Mon - Fri : 14 - 18 Sat - Sun : 16 - 18

Happy Shopping & Gifting!

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